Stories here can be downloaded for free!

First published by Ginn in 1995, Mark Two quickly became a literacy hour favourite in hundreds of schools. It’s the story of a boy who wants the latest in everything – until it looks like he will be replaced by the latest model too!

Suitable for readers of 6 and over. Download here.

The New Mum was first published in The Likely Stories by Viking in 1991. Our hero, Stan McGann, always has an unlikely excuse for not doing his homework, including finding that his mum has been replaced by a mysterious woman he’s never seen before!

Suitable for readers of 6 and over. Download here.

Oshie, first published by Walker Books in 2011, is four interlinked stories about an amazing boy with cerebral palsy who becomes coach of the school football team. Excellent for teaching KS2 pupils about disability.

Download here.

Stinky Finger’s House of Fun was the first of a series of six comic junior novels published by Hodder in the Noughties. It’s the bizarre adventure of three housemates living in a world without adults. The characters are boys but girls loved it too – it sold over 20,000 copies. Download a version for PCs here, or a version for phones here.

Suitable for 8 and over.

One Girl School Loses The Plot (originally Dogsbottom School Loses the Plot) was a follow up to my big hit One Girl School (over 30,000 sales), published by Oxford University Press in 2004. It’s the story of a crowd of theatre-mad kids who are in danger of driving our heroine up the wall – till she turns the tables. Download a PC version here and a phone version here.

Suitable for 7 and over.

Meat is the first story in How I Became a Star, published in 1995, which was the follow-up to The Likely Stories. Our hero Stan finds himself working with a slightly crazy butcher. I don’t want to say too much about it, but be warned, it may turn you vegetarian! Martin Chatterton’s great illustrations are included in this free version, which I’ve included after getting an email from a fan of the book, thanks Naomi!

Download here.

All my published works are listed here. If there is a demand for any book that is out of print I shall consider making it available for free download. Email me if there are any you are interested in.

A free KS1 springtime musical based on my quarter-million selling picture book You’re A Hero Daley B can be found here.  Free poems can be found here.