one girl move

“All lessons were cancelled that afternoon. Squads of boys and girls worked through the classrooms, the library, and the Book Club boxes. A non-stop trail of grim-faced pupils ferried books out onto the field, where a huge pile was slowly growing. ‘Janet And John’ nestled with ‘My First Wildlife Encyclopaedia’. ‘Stage Two Maths Made Fun’ rubbed shoulders with ‘Nuff Respect For the Quad Bike Posse’.plotmove3

The atmosphere was weird. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Nobody seemed quite like they normally were. Mind you, we were about to set fire to five thousand books, so it wasn’t exactly a normal school day.”

One Girl School is my biggest selling book for juniors.  I wrote two sequels but my publisher insisted the titles were changed so as not to mention girls!  The idea was that more boys would want to read them, but the decision was a marketing disaster and two of my best books disappeared without trace!  So as soon as I got the chance I brought out my own e-books of the series, using the original titles.

I love One Girl School Goes Totally Mental and One Girl School Loses the Plot  and I’m sure you will too.  Even if you’re a boy!


“I kept one eye on Feela and one on the trap door. Down below I could make out the gruff voice of the Cat Inspector and Mum’s faltering replies. Mum wasn’t used to breaking the law. I felt guilty for putting her in this situation. free cat snow

Muffled thuds. They were coming up the stairs. Mum’s voice was getting louder as her anxiety grew. I reached to check the lock on the door and knocked over a bottle. Feela’s eyes opened.

“Ssh!” I said, stupidly. Feela stretched out her front feet for a big bug-eyed yawn.

“What’s up there?” I heard.

So begins my most talked-about book, the futuristic thriller The Last Free Cat, now available as an e-book.

“…The Last Free Cat is one of the best young adult adventures in a long time. Be prepared to share. Everyone will want to read this…”  (Sam North, Hackwriters)

snails moveSnails and Lovers was originally published back in the late 80s as Geoffrey’s First and immediately got attention in the reviews columns of leading newspapers and magazines. Along with The Last Free Cat, I think it’s the most important book I’ve written.

“Geoffrey Stratfield Farmer’s ambition is to become Prime Minister – Conservative, of course. With his know-all manner and love of classical music, he is the misfit of misfits at his local comprehensive school. But when he falls for his one intellectual rival, Kim McConnell, he bites off more than he can chew. Snails and Lovers tracks his painful coming of age in a novel described by the Sunday Times as “a funny and moving love story”.

Suitable for older teens.  Get it here.