Free Books for Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween this year I’ve made a couple of flipping books, available completely free of charge! You can find The Ghost of Joseph Grey and FS3 at Both books were published back in the nineties and are still firm favourites with many of my readers. And don’t miss the other free stories available at this site!

It’s over thirty years since I wrote Binka and the Banana Boat but I still get letters about this picture book, so I’ve decided to make a video of it using Joe Wright’s fantastically colourful illustrations. Do let me know if there are any other of my stories you’d like to see on video – you can already see my quarter-million selling picture book You’re A Hero Daley B and a few others on Youtube or the video page on this site. You’ll find the Binka video here.

  • I’ve had an interesting summer. I took a writing workshop for adults at the These Three Streams festival in the fantastic historical village of Llantwit Major on June 11th, then had a lovely dose of Henry VIII’s favourite illness, gout – not much fun! But I did manage to take a BBC Webinar for their Upload festival on 19 June, answering questions and setting a writing task which nearly a hundred people participated in. Lots said they enjoyed it which was very pleasing. Then on July 3 I gave a speech at the Cardiff Writers Circle 75th anniversary, a big event in which many local writers and publishers took part. Meanwhile I’ve been researching and writing a new blog based on my dad’s experience of being a running a village bakery just after WW2 – luckily he was a hoarder who kept lots of memorabilia. No new books at the moment, but I will be taking some workshops for children in August for the Summer of Fun project here in Wales – I’m going to try something a bit different which will involve not just reading but songwriting! I’m sure the results will be up on the web soon. And finally, as you will see, I am making some of my old books available for free download here, so if there’s any others you’d like to read, do let me know! It’s nice to get paid for what you write, but for me it’s more important that kids read my books, including those who may not be able to afford to buy them.