Thimble Wonga Bonkers launched

Thimble Wonga Bonkers is on the shelves! We had a fantastic launch on Feb 27 2020, with thanks to the pupils and teachers of White Rose Primary in New Tredegar (that’s one of the old mining villages of the South Wales valleys). The pupils devised the launch themselves and I hardly had to do anything except answer a few questions and sign quite a lot of books. Well done White Rose, a lovely modern school where teachers do so much to encourage an enthusiasm for reading. And the same is true of Jubilee Park Primary in Rogerstone (near Newport, see pic above), where I appeared on World Book Day and had a fantastic reception, despite being a bit below par with a virus which sadly meant I had to miss a visit to Moorlands Primary in Southampton, so close to where I grew up. But I hope the pupils there enjoyed the video I made for them and the books I’ve sent. Another time hopefully. As I write this I’m just coming to the end of my reign as Welsh Libraries’ author of the month, but I am as keen as ever to visit schools and libraries and spread the joy of Thimble!