Thimble and the Girl from Mars, the fourth book in the Thimble series, is on its way! And you can guess from the title, a new character features in this story, and that character is female, and I guarantee you will forget her in a hurry! More details to follow, but if you haven’t yet switched on to the world of Thimble, monkey superstar, I recommend starting with Thimble Monkey Superstar, shortlisted for the 2017 Laugh Out Loud awards and chosen for Toppsta’s best of 2016 list and the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge 2017. Then you could move on to Thimble Holiday Havoc, shortlisted for the Sully Diversity Award, or Thimble Wonga Bonkers, featured in the Bookmarks Top Ten books about disability 2020 and Children’s Books Ireland’s Mind Yourself Reading Guide 2020. There’s something for everyone in Thimble.